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Open64 Releases

Active Development: Next release is Open64 5.1
Current Released Version: Open64 5.0

Contributing to Open64

Subversion Read & Write Access
Development Methodology for Open64
Development phases for Open64
Patch Reversion Policy for Open64
Checkin Policy for Open64
Release Management for Open64
Coding Style

(Suggestions for changes to this plan or these policies are discussed on the Open64 mailing list and approved or rejected by the Open64 Steering Group.)

Open64 Steering Group (OSG)

Mailing List:

Open64 Presentation

2011 Open64 Tutorial-Workshop presentations
Open64 slides from International Symposium on Code Generation and Optimization (CGO) 2007
Open64 slides from PLDI 2007
please place links to your snippets/documentation here

Open64 Documentation

WHIRL Specification Updates
GCC Option Compatibility
Open64 Design Document
Regression Test Framework Document
Installation of Open64-4.2.4 on RHEL 5.X on IA64
Installation of Open64-4.2.1 on Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex (8.10)
Installation of Open64-4.1.0 on Ubuntu Gutsy (7.01)
Source Layout
Inlining Support in Open64
Pragmas Support in Open64
[] Look at the "How to Debug" section on how to read WHIRL, what T<...> mean, etc.

General Optimization Topics

IPA Scalability Analysis

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